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Learn more about what codamAI and the headless cms module is, how to create an application from scratch, browse API references, sample code, tutorials, and more.

Language decision

This Headless CMS is written in Java. We decided to use Java, because of multiple reasons:

  • Type Safe Development
  • Stable
  • Large Community
  • Secured, Approved Dependency Management
  • Open-Source (openJDK)


The generated headless cms is not a CMS for websites. So this is not the right fit for simple webserver. Use one of the other great CMS systems in the open source ecosystem, like wordpress, strapi, etc.

It is headless, so no UI (expect swagger-ui) is included. Why not?

  • We included a lot of security features, like role based authentication, user access to own models, and groups. So we should not decide, which properties a user can see or edit, this is your part, or part of “codamAI FRONTEND BUILDER (comming soon)” but not part if the cms itself.
  • We provide a full CRUD(+L(ist) / Query) REST API, where you can do everything with the CMS. Every frontend can connect (if you give the access)
  • Microservice architecture: Don’t mix frontend and backend. This is a 90’s thing. Don’t build monolith. So we don’t nether. A frontend is not part of this backend service.
  • CMS is a backend service, you should add a proxy in front of it (API Gateway would be perfect)

So lets start with the implementation guideline. Thank you for choosing “codamAI HEADLESS CMS”

Why codamAI cms?

Secure application

With codamAI Headless CMS, and Keycloak you have a very high secured application. With Web-Authentication standards like oAuth, your Access & Right Management is well-defined. You can add several roles and rights to your classes and even every single model field and operation (CRUD). No other headless cms has this complexity.

Stable application

All Core functionalities are well tested with Unit Tests. You only need to add Tests for your own additions. The existing unit tests help you to check all basic access rights and auto check the core functionalities of your application.

Reduce work for developers

You don’t need new developers if you reduce the workload. With codamAI Headless CMS you will save up to 1 year of developer capacity. Defined with a 8h/day/220days/year and a salary for freelancer of 80 €/h you save 140.800 € for each application. Getting your CMS (with code to your repository) for only 80.000€ will save you 60.800€ total. And you get it in days instead of years!

Team commit with support

We provide some utils to implement your CMS into your frontend or separate backend. So you can get best practices for your team. You can also rent an expert for your first implementation steps, that teach your developers how to fly.

Faster and better

With codamAI headless CMS you will get your first working application in some weeks. And with the knowledge of our teacher you have a perfect foundation for your later application.

Consistency for data management

To fit the previous goal, in frontend you can get on of our developers as teacher. The API itself will be build with total consistency and a realtime build swagger documentation. So, once you know the API you can build your application and fetch all required data easy.


We need your feedback to fix bugs, apply new features and getting better. Please help us to learn more about your needs.

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