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Welcome to codamAI. We build the developer software foundation for microservice architectures in SaaS-Portals.


Vision of codamAI

Welcome to the “codamAI HEADLESS CMS”. This CMS is part of a larger developer toolset called “codamAI” but can be used as standalone system. The CMS is made for large software systems in enterprise web applications.

Philosophy of codamAI Developments

  • Clean Code
  • Automatic Testing and Deployment
  • Microservices
  • Simplify
  • Plug-In & Dependencies
  • Security
  • Open-Source
  • Continuous Improvement

Develop with codamAI Headless CMS

Philosophy of codamAI Developments

We want to build the ideal digital world. But everyone of us developers has made his own experience with tools, frameworks and code guidlines, etc. So let’s clearify what we think about development and how we implemented it in our systems.

Clean Code

We like to work in clean code, make clear names and small functions. If you found some improvements please feel free to tell us. Automatic Testing and Deployment

Our CMS-Core is tested with automatic unit tests and code linter. We set our own code coverage to 75% as minimum limit over all, but better more. Each Core-Version is published by Jenkins pipelines.


In our opinion you should seperate all components. Frontend, Backend, CMS, Authentication Service are only three possible parts of SaaS-Development. Also we have some candidates for FaaS (Function as a service). Also we ship all our modules with dockerfile, so you can deploy your CMS and all other modules to your docker repository.


We like to simplify our live and code. So we add a lot of brainpower to our components to make your life easier.

Plug-In & Dependencies

We try to use only a few well tested dependencies, to avoid large file sizes. This is not always possible but we are aware of it and always try to reduce the dependencies.


We use Keycloak as a Security Authentication Server, to max. the security from Frontend to Database. We are planning to add a internal user storage with less features for smaller projects but usage of keycloak is recommended.


We like to use and support open-source. So we use keycloak as Authentication service and spring boot with jpa on openJDK.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly improving our product and look forward to receiving hints and comments to improve the systems.

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